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About me

I have been helping people use computers for over 35 years.

iPads are great, but lots of people lack the confidence or know-how to get the most from them. I can help with that. I've taught people who were too scared to touch a computer, never mind get their heads round how to use email!

And it's not just about learning what to do. Understanding, in very simple terms, how the system works makes all the difference later, when you're on your own and trying to recall how to do something. You don't learn how to drive a car by being told 'just put your foot on that pedal there, never mind what it does'!


For further information call me
or send an email to hi{at}wyepads{dot}com

Alison Matthews, Cusop, Hay-on-Wye, Herefordshire
Telephone 01497- 820152 or 07783- 857573

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